Bed and breakfasts are becoming more and more popular all over the world and the owners have understood this perfectly. That's why they redouble their efforts to welcome their guests in the best way possible and to give travelers a unique experience at a low price! In addition, this historic place in the region is loaded with culture and will allow you to get to know the area. The owners will even be happy to show you around the city, which also contains many surprises and secrets.

What started out as a simple exchange of courtesies has quickly become a business in its own right. Even if some hosts only see this activity as a business, the owners of L'histoire de Swan House Bed & Breakfast are delighted to welcome new people every day, to listen to their stories and to share their experiences. These true enthusiasts systematically try to satisfy the newcomers by preparing the best possible dishes, which is more with mainly local or home-made products!

The story of Swan House Bed & Breakfast begins decades ago when locals decided to host many travelers who regularly hiked the area for several days. The nights are cold and restless here so rather than sleep outside, the tourists decided to sleep in the home in exchange for a few coins. This way of proceeding was quickly democratized, and hosts as travelers were conquered by the principle.

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